I’ve had planning approved. What do I do now? Firstly: WELL DONE! Your perseverance has paid off. Now is the perfect time to review your options. You have a hugely valuable asset which appeals to many house builders, developers, or self-builders who typically don’t have the time and resources to speculate on buying land on a ‘subject to planning’ basis.

You may wonder whether to build the consented scheme or sell the site. At this stage, it’s best to get an up-to-date land valuation that considers the recently-achieved planning consent and an appraisal of the value of the new build units to understand the gross development value.

It may be that it makes financial sense to cash out without undertaking the building work. Either way, we can guide you before you need to make any big decisions. And if you decide to explore selling the land, we have the contacts to know who will offer a competitive rate.


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