Our Lettings Service

We’re here to protect your investment, which means taking a proactive approach. We’ve got you covered with our lettings service. Pick from either a fully managed or tenant-find offering.

Fully Managed Lettings Service


Peace of mind guaranteed

Unless you relish the thought of fielding that 3 a.m. call about a broken boiler, our in-house property managers are on-hand to deal with tenant enquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Rent is taken care of

Each month, we’ll collect the rent, chase any outstanding amounts and pay you what’s owed by the next working day. We’ll also send you a monthly statement so your accounts are up-to-date.

Maintenance and repairs

If your property needs work, you can bring in your preferred contractor, or we can organise one of ours. All of our contractors are fully certified, equipped with Public Liability Insurance and proven to deliver high-quality work time and time again.


Frequent and thorough inspections

When new tenants move in, we’ll schedule secondary inspection dates for the three-month mark and every six months after that. We’ll also consider what improvements you could make to maximise the returns on your investment.

Keeping your property legal

All our staff members are UKALA accredited and up-to-date with the latest government legislation. That ensures we can keep you and your tenants on the right side of the law and away from legal issues.

Tenant Find Lettings Service

When letting out your property, you’ll want to find a brilliant tenant who will not only pay their rent on time, but will also look after your investment as if it were their own. We’ll find a tenant you can trust.

An advisor at every viewing

There’s an art to marketing a property. That’s why we always have a Complete advisor accompany every viewing. It allows us to show off your home in the best possible way, get a feel for the prospective tenant and maximise our chances of successfully letting.

Regular updates

We work in a way that suits you. Want an update every time we organise a viewing? That’s great. Only want to hear a word once the property is let? That’s fine, too.

Meet the tenants

We understand that you want to know who’s living in your property. That’s why we’re happy to arrange a meet and greet before any contracts are signed. That way, you get the final say.

Stringent referencing

Comprehensive reference checks are complex. That’s why we entrust Rightmove’s specialist referencing service. For every prospective tenant, they: Carry out a detailed credit check,
validate their bank account, check they can afford rent and other outgoings, obtain a reference from their previous landlord and verify visas using the government’s right-to-rent system.

An in-house database of potential tenants

We regularly update our in-house database of prospective tenants. It’s a resource that only we can access, enabling us to get a headstart when marketing your property. Rather than waiting for bookings, we can start the viewings immediately.

Ask A Question

If you have a question about our service charges or anything related, call us on 01626 362 246 or via our contact page.

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