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Has my land got potential? Whether you have a large garden, possess the land that could form a land assembly with other neighbours, own commercial premises or strategic land on the ‘edge of settlement’, or a site with planning history, there are many options open to you – and our land experts can help you maximise the value of your asset.

And if you’re thinking: ‘What’s my land worth?’, when it comes to value, the best returns are typically achieved by obtaining planning permission to develop on land. ‘Planning granted’ can be challenging to achieve, and it often requires experience, technical knowledge and a great deal of tenacity; this is just one of the areas where we can help.

If you’re selling land, you’re in the driving seat. You can choose the most suited route; we can support you with advice to apply for planning yourself, or we could guide you through selling to a house builder or developer. It’s worth bearing in mind that there are further valuable options if you choose this route. We can suggest the best one to suit your needs and expectations. We will happily carry out a FREE land appraisal on your behalf.

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