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I’m Will Smith, and I started Complete in 2007 and still love running this company day-to-day.

For us, ‘Complete’ is more than just a name. It’s an ethos to provide all our customers with the most thorough and complete service that we can possibly provide.

It’s an ethos that flows through everything we do.

In Sales, for example, we have our own, trained and skilled Property Marketing team whose sole job is create wonderful imagery and descriptions that bring your property to life and make it stand out online and in print.

In Lettings, ‘complete’ means going to great lengths to take note of every detail about your property, so we know the answers to tenants’ questions in advance, without having keep bothering you to find out.

And in Land and New Homes we don’t stop when things get difficult. In fact we enjoy the challenge of resolving complicated issues relating to title, planning, access or environmental concerns.

This commitment to doing things thoroughly and completely has just one thing in mind: to ensure we deliver the service that you have the right to expect. And if that means we earn your trust and even a recommendation to others – well, we just see that as the best way to do business so everyone wins.

This website gives you a flavour of what we’re all about, but we’re very proud of the people here who make our ethos real. So when you’re ready, or even just want to chat about some future plans or ideas, please give your local office a call and we’d be only too happy to listen and give you our thoughts.

With best wishes

Will Smith
Chairman and Head of Land

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