Our development consultancy service can support your Land assessment, acquisition and approvals process.

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In a changing market, you can depend on us to create comprehensive reports to support your acquisition process.

Our detailed data and analysis will aid the land acquisition process under stricter scrutiny in a turbulent market.

Our reports allow you to present to the board a thorough marketing and sales appraisal.

Current data and market feedback allow you to react to market conditions.

Experienced support

Our experienced Land & New Homes team offer you the reliable support you need. Our flexible approach allows us to create a bespoke report that suits your requirements, or you can take advantage of our thoughtfully designed library or standardised reports.

We collate data and insight from a wide range of sources to ensure our overview provides an extensive understanding of the site locations, local market history and future outlook.

In addition to offering marketing and pricing reports, our development consultancy service supports the whole land acquisition process. It enables Land teams to produce the information required for funders, board reports and approval committees.

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Our development consultancy reports include:

  • Local and national market overview, including analysis of year or year trends
  • Localised comparable data
  • New homes competitor data
  • Local demographic and amenity insight
  • £/sqft market data and forecast
  • Heat map showing planning application areas
  • SWOT analysis
  • Site pricing

How it works:

We offer three levels of standardised reports that you can order on an ad-hoc basis.

Alternatively, if you’d like to benefit from working with us more seamlessly, our retained service allows us to create a bespoke report for you. You will also benefit from quicker turnaround times and discounted reports.

Report Overview:

Insight Report

This is our most basic report. It provides a general market overview alongside basic comparables used for site pricing.

Intel Report

This detailed report outlines national and regional market trends alongside comparables, including new home competitor analysis. In addition, we include site pricing and plot-by-plot pricing in this report.

Comprehensive Report

Our most thorough and detailed report includes all the data and commentary available, including local demographic information, competing planning heat map, SWOT analysis conclusion and more complex market data.

Need more?

Our unrivalled access to many of the latest prop-tech tools allows us to have data and analysis at our fingertips. Talk to us about your requirements, and our team can offer thoughtful advice on how best to support you.

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We’re on hand

The real benefit of outsourcing is that you can work closely with us to produce exactly what you need. Our team can become an extension of your Land team and help to navigate fluctuating workloads and deadlines.

Other services

Our Land & New Homes team can assist with wide-ranging services, including land acquisition and disposal, planning, new homes sales and marketing and design services.

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