Land Acquisition and Disposal

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What is land acquisition?

Land acquisition refers to the process of acquiring land for various purposes such as infrastructure development, urbanization, or conservation, among others. This process involves the transfer of land from its current owner to another party.

The land acquisition process typically involves negotiations between the party acquiring the land and the landowners or their representatives.

What is land Disposal?

Land disposal refers to the process of transferring ownership or control of land from one entity to another, typically for the purpose of development, conservation, or other uses. The term can refer to both public and private land, and may involve a variety of legal and administrative procedures.

Complete Land acquisition and disposal

Complete Land and New Homes work with:

  • Private buyers and sellers of land
  • Institutional investors
  • small-to-medium-sized developers
  • national house builders
  • and an extensive database of potential self-builders.

Our team of land agents work on investment and development land with a predominant focus on delivering residential or PRS opportunities.

We’re proud to offer a unique understanding of these opportunities. Our land team has access to crucial market data, including sales data, critical to determining and providing solutions for complex land situations.

As a result, our team can provide you with the tools to evaluate the best use of a land parcel. In addition, we have the resources, support and brokerage expertise needed to maximize the market presence of our clients and satisfy their land needs.

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