In the picturesque setting of Teignmouth, renowned housebuilder Harrington Homes is embarking on an ambitious and forward-thinking project that promises to redefine modern living. Teignbrook, a collection of 255 new homes, is set to become one of the most desirable addresses in the area, offering a range of two, three, four and five bedroom homes meticulously designed to cater to various lifestyles. With its prime location overlooking the breathtaking Teign and Coombe Valleys, Teignbrook is not just a development but a celebration of nature, sustainability, and community.

Scheduled to launch in the Summer of 2024, Teignbrook is more than just a housing development; it’s a vision brought to life by Harrington Homes, a builder synonymous with quality and innovation. Nestled within a desirable postcode in Teignmouth, the development is perfectly placed to offer the best of both worlds: proximity to local amenities and the serenity of the countryside. Each home has been thoughtfully positioned to take full advantage of the stunning valley views, creating an inspiring and rejuvenating living experience.

However, what truly sets Teignbrook apart is its commitment to sustainability and community wellness. Spanning over 6 hectares, the development is designed with an emphasis on open spaces, including woodland areas and green corridors. These natural habitats enhance biodiversity and provide residents with a direct connection to nature, encouraging outdoor activities and a healthier lifestyle.

For families, Teignbrook offers an unparalleled environment for growth and exploration. The development includes formal and informal play areas thoughtfully designed for children of all ages. These safe and creative spaces foster play, learning and social interaction, contributing to the overall well-being of young residents.

Children playing outdoors in Teignbrook

In line with its sustainable ethos, Teignbrook introduces a green bus link, ensuring residents can access environmentally friendly transportation options. This initiative supports the community’s mobile needs and aligns with broader efforts to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

Adding a cultural dimension to the development, public art installations will be strategically placed throughout Teignbrook. These installations will beautify the community and stimulate thought and conversation, enhancing the area’s cultural vibrancy.

As Teignbrook prepares to open its doors in Summer 2024, potential homeowners are invited to register their interest. By doing so, they will stay updated with the latest news and releases, ensuring they don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking development.

Harrington Homes is setting a new standard for residential development within Teignbrook, marrying innovative design with environmental stewardship and community values. This development is not just about building homes but creating a sustainable future for all residents, offering a enriching and harmonious lifestyle with nature.

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