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Land & New Homes South West

This specialist office is situated on the outskirts of Bovey Tracey. Here, our dedicated land and new homes team supports our network of high street operations, but dealing specifically with individual, intermediate and national development companies in a business to business environment.

Although having our residential property teams at their disposal, Complete’s Land and New Homes professionals based here offer the focus, strategy and privacy often preferred by developers of all sizes.

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Complete’s Land and New Homes team, with a combined 40 years’ experience, are proud to handle the most land and new homes sales and completions in the area. From individual developers to some of the country’s biggest names, our knowledge and influence have been consistently recognised. Our approach is straightforward, our knowledge is unrivalled and our success is proven.rnrnWe understand how to measure the success of land and new homes – partnering with Complete’s team will deliver those all-important sales. Our team offers support in a variety of formats, from advice to project planning. Backed up with national web and property listings, regional and local advertising and our network of offices, Complete’s team has all the planning, sales and marketing experience you will need.

How much is my home worth?

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the facts you need to know
how much are we likely to get? 99.6% on average, the agreed prices we achieve are 99.6% of the asking price
how likely are we to sell? 89% we sell 89% of everything we take on
how long is it likely to take? 19 days on average, we take just 19 days from instruction to sale-agreed

Branch Details

Land & New Homes

Blue Waters Ind Estate
Bovey Tracey
TQ13 9YF

T: 01626 832 063

Opening Hours

8:30 – 17:30 Monday
8:30 – 17:30 Tuesday
8:30 – 17:30 Wednesday
8:30 – 17:30 Thursday
8:30 – 17:30 Friday


Meet The Team

Genna Hayter
Genna photo
Sales Negotiator
01626 832 063
Nicky Merchant
Executive Assistant
01626 832063
Ollie Eskriett
Graphic Designer
01626 832 063
Lucy Barrett
New Home Negotiator
01626 832 063
Lucy Griffin
New Homes Negotiator
01404 819 290
Karen Cowell
New Homes Negotiator
01626 832063
Will Smith
Managing Director
01626 832 063
Jade Boyles-White
Operations Director
01626 832 063
Mark Cox
Finance Director
01626 832 063

How much is my home worth?

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